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Platinum Communications provides strategic counsel and/or execution for Nonprofit, Corporate, and Investor Relations branding, marketing and communications. Contact us to schedule a free one-hour strategy session to discuss the communications challenges in your business.  In return you'll receive one innovative idea to use right away.

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Platinum Corporate Communications

Integrated marketing communications

Create all forms of internal and external integrated communications for a variety of audiences.


High-level branding strategies and plans

Create high-level branding strategies and plans.


World-class creative conceptualization

Execute world-class, internal and external branding programs.


Public relations strategy, process and plans

Develop public relations strategy, process and plans and help you execute. We can generate and distribute press releases and handle media inquiries.


Crisis communication strategy, process and plans

Manage public relations surrounding accidents, union negotiations, environmental, and other unfavorable events. We can also help you establish a process, and protocol for handling crisis events, and train key staff.


Merger communications

Manage M&A communications and swiftly integrate the communications functions of acquired companies.


Social media & web content 

Develop internal processes and procedures, and/or help you manage or build out your current capability.


Employee communications

Implement change management solutions for internal communications to align employees with company strategy.


Global process improvement and cost reduction

Review your communications function for possible cost saving process improvements.


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Platinum Donor & Investor Relations

Clear, consistent and creative messaging

Craft your story to deliver the right message to donors and investors. Clear, transparent, consistent messaging can help preempt investor questions and reduce stock volatility.


Overall strategy and plans

Develop your yearly donor and investor relations strategy and plan to help you meet your performance goals. Then, if you choose we can help execute in any manner that fits your needs.


Board presentations

Ideate and produce reports for your board of directors.


Targeting new investors

Target and bring in new donors and investors to help reduce stock volatility.


Targeting new sell-side coverage

Target and bring in new donors and sell-side analysts who can help tell your story and market your stock.


Strengthening relationships with sell-side and buy-side analysts

Strengthen relationships by being more transparent with your messaging and more proactive in reaching out to analysts.


Conceptualizing and producing investor and donor communications

Conceptualize, write and produce donor and investor materials such as quarterly presentations, annual reports and financial press releases.


Conceptualizing and producing donor and investor events/meetings

Meeting and conference coordination including venue selection, creative conceptualization, meeting materials, and logistics.


Serving as first point of contact for investors

Field and answer incoming phone and email requests on a per-project basis or as a full-time outsource.


Managing suppliers and negotiating contracts

Manage and negotiate all or some of your contracts to uncover possible savings.


Tracking investor activity

Track your investor activity and/or prepare reports on a regular or ad-hoc basis.


Performing competitive and market research

Prepare competitive market research reports on a regular or ad-hoc basis.


Process improvement and cost reduction

Review your organizations function for possible cost saving process improvements.


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